Phyx 335-0 (Prof. Donald Ellis)

NOTE  --  This page contains links to student projects, completed as part of the course requirements for Phyx 335-0.  Neither Northwestern University nor the Department of Physics & Astronomy make any guarantees as to their accuracy!

Class Projects -- Fall, 2004
Unseen Effect of Dark MatterMax Ehrhardt
Quantum Dots: Photon Interaction ApplicationsBrad Gussin, John Romankiewicz
Organic SuperconductorsEugenio Gutierrez, Joe Nowell
Expansion of the UniverseAlexandra Higareda, DeMaris Wilson
High Temperature Copper Oxide SuperconductorsThomas Hines

Class Projects -- Spring, 2004
Evolution of the AtomMauricio M. Garcia, David Rodriguez, Francisco X. Toussaint
Fate of the UniverseAlexander Bartolai, Isaac Chan, Nicole Yan
Hydrogen EconomyJohn Moore
Quantum ComputersJustin Moles
Quantum EntanglementDavid Badger, Danah Albaum
Stereotactic RadiosurgeryJimmy Johannes